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Vicentini1966 | The Spring leavened products


The Spring leavened products

Focaccia is the traditional baked dessert of veneto region. Simple, with few genuine ingredients and a 30-hour leavening that gives a unique flavor and aroma.

Vicentini1966 | 
                The Spring leavened products
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Our artisan focaccia is simple, soft and delicate. Made with flour, eggs, butter, sugar and citrus essential oils combined in a dough made with only mother yeast. Then a natural leavening of 30 hours. The particular knot creates a harmonious shape that releases the aromas and retains the aroma. This is a Venetian manual process that was passed on to us over fifty years ago. Finally, a crumbly granulated sugar sprinkles the surface.

Our Focaccia is fragrant and delicate, perfect to be savored alone, with a veil of fruit jam or with a good hazelnut cream, for the sweet tooth. The braid with sultanas, the one with extra dark chocolate drops and the Colomba (during Easter) are made from the same dough.

The focaccia's ingredients are the basis for the Easter Colomba. A cloud of butter with a soft and fragrant dough, covered with a crunchy almond glaze.

Colomba is the Easter dessert par excellence. The classic dough is made with only mother yeast and a slow leavening. The main ingredients are simple and genuine: flour, butter and fresh eggs to which we add top quality fresh cream and a note of citrus essential oil that we carefully calibrate to enhance the scent and the fragrance of the dough.

For an even more intense experience we created the Colomba with chunks of candied peaches and amaretto glaze on top, the Colomba with berries and the Colomba with candied lemon and ginger and chocolate chips, our latest delicious creation.

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