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Vicentini1966 | Noi


Vicentini, since 1966

We have a mission: to make good food, not stop at what is already known, create innovation, beauty, healthy products and continue to ask questions.

A family history

In 1966, Siro and Bruna opened the first bakery in Maragnole.
Supported by the passion of our partners, we have been investing in research and innovation for over fifty years, with the ambition of creating value in the area. Making bread, confectionery and catering are what we do every day.

In 1994, we opened the new headquarters with a bakery and cake shop. An ambitious business for such a small country village.

In 2017, in the historic centre of Marostica, we opened a shop with an open kitchen that embodies the new spirit. The shop has become a place to experience food.

Since 2018, we have been growing our wheat a few kilometers from the production workshop.
A choice that resulted from the search for quality raw ingredients, from the comparison and exchange of ideas with people who are attentive to ethical and sustainable production for the area and the people. Our evolving tradition.
Vicentini1966 | A family history Vicentini1966 | A family history



Siro and Bruna start the family business

First Vicentini oven 1966


The bakery and cake shop opens in Maragnole with ice cream parlour and café

Cake shop


Mastering and refining dough processing techniques with sourdough starter

Sourdough starter

1996 - 2002

Opening of retail outlets in Marostica, Breganze and Sandrigo

New shops


The Classic Panettone wins the Richemont Panettoni d'Autore Award.

Richemont Award


Artisan production of fruit juices and jams begin. The branches of our business grow

Fruit preparations


The semi-wholemeal apple and cinnamon panettone covered in chocolate wins the Richemont Panettoni d'Autore Award

Richemont Award


First single-brand shop in Lugo di Vicenza



Opening of the bakery-bistro in the historic centre of Marostica

Marostica with kitchen


We entrust the cultivation of wheat to local farmers

We grow the wheat


Selezioniamo e coltiviamo direttamente la varietà di farro monococco. Nasce il pane semi-integrale con farina di farro macinata a pietra.

Pane al farro


Nasce il Gentilrosso, pane con lievito madre fatto con la nostra farina tipo 2 a km zero.

Pane gentilrosso


The Classic Panettone wins again the Richemont Panettoni d'Autore Award

Richemont Award


We do not look to the past in a nostalgic way, but in a critical way to take the best from the past into the future.
The bakery of the past has kept its heart and soul and has become a company open to new ideas: ancient knowledge has been combined with contemporary notions about nutrition. What is the purpose of bread? It is a seemingly simple question, which led us to choose unconventional routes such as selecting to use a sourdough starter since the Nineties and sowing ancient native grains in our area.
Vicentini1966 | Philosophy

Us, for 50 years

We embrace seasonality, balance, diversity and humanity.
These values have been the basis of our business from the beginning. The branches of the Vicentini 1966 project have come a long way, but we remain true to our roots.
Vicentini1966 | Us, for 50 years

An essential vision

Since our foundation, we have been guided by what we did not know and wanted to discover.
With the help of colleagues and suppliers, we have constantly studied and experimented to continue improving products from the nutritional point of view and using processing methods that respect and enhance the raw ingredient, leaving the nutrients intact. Simplicity is the basis of all our preparations.
Vicentini1966 | An essential vision



The company is a world in continuous exchange with the outside. What we do and how we do it influences the well-being of the area, our partners and those who eat our products.


Food requires careful balance. Vicentini 1966 is built on the balance of flavours, the balance of skills and collaboration between people. We are the result of a diversity of professionalism, ingredients and approaches.


We patiently pursue the best possible solution to create a healthy, balanced and tasty product. We share a constant search for excellence. In every space, in every preparation, at every step.

Vicentini, since 1966

Our history. Our tradition in evolution.
Vicentini1966 | Bread


Vicentini1966 | Pasticceria


Vicentini1966 | Cucina


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Da Vicentini creiamo buon cibo, innovazione, bellezza e prodotti sani. Scopri la pasticceria, il panificio e la cucina. Acquista online e visita i negozi

P.zza Alcide de Gasperi, 2
36042 - Maragnole di Breganze
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