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Vice's cookery

The branch was born from the passion and intuition for creating products with seasonal ingredients that bring new and thrilling flavours, grown locally.
Vicentini1966 |

Raw ingredients

The ingredients come from trusted suppliers and local growers.
Vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits to be incorporated into the dough and then into the menus, as well as dairy products and gourmet ingredients. We are committed to selecting the fresh, local and seasonal products that distinguish our cuisine, and our dishes are an expression of the richness and fragrances of the area.
Vicentini1966 | Raw ingredients
Vicentini1966 | Cucina
We love being in the workshop but we also like to take our cuisine out.
Vicentini1966 |

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Vicentini1966 >> Pane, Pasticceria e Cucina

Da Vicentini creiamo buon cibo, innovazione, bellezza e prodotti sani. Scopri la pasticceria, il panificio e la cucina. Acquista online e visita i negozi

P.zza Alcide de Gasperi, 2
36042 - Maragnole di Breganze
+390445850243 hello@vicentini1966.it