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Naturally good

We grow wheat a few km from the production workshop. Without the use of pesticides and substances harmful to humans, the environment and the product.

The idea and the right people

Really at zero km, or rather five to be precise.
Thanks to the collaboration with Mulino Terrevive of Rossano Veneto, we were able to find clean soil, which had never been fertilised and treated previously, just a few kilometres from us. Confidence in our abilities and those of our partners was the driving force behind making the idea to cultivate our own grain a reality.
Vicentini1966 | The idea and the right people
Vicentini1966 | The idea and the right people

Ancient grains

We draw from the resources of the area to derive a shared value.
Vicentini1966 | Ancient grains
With the miller Marco Bigolin, we selected the monocot spelt variety, one of the oldest cereals in Italy, and the Gentil Rosso grain, a variety of soft wheat that is an ancient local grain in the Po valley. As they are suited to the area, it is possible to obtain a healthy cereal without having to treat it to make it grow. These flours are easily digestible and have a relatively low gluten content compared to common wheat.
Vicentini1966 |
Vicentini1966 | Superpani

The ingredients

We are proud to use flour that contains most or all of the original germ, oils and bran.
The short supply chain means we can have small quantities of flour that is refined only minimally, as there is no need to remove all the vital parts of the grain. The milling of the wheat is entrusted to Mulino Terrevive: Marco Bigolin's passion for his work and his experience assure us an excellent stone-ground product.
Vicentini1966 | The ingredients

Bread with sourdough starter

Long-lasting bread as per the country tradition.
Stone-ground flours are usually delivered to us in late summer. We work them with sourdough starter, water and salt to turn out loaves with a crispy crust and medium-firm crumb. The result is a bread that is easy to digest, rich in fibre and with an intense flavor that brings with it the pungent aromas of the sourdough starter, which continue to evolve for several days.
Vicentini1966 | Bread with sourdough starter

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