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Vice's pastry

Our cake shop is based on research work to identify the required content of the dough and perfect the recipes.
Only fresh products, hand-made every day, with superlative ingredients. In this way, we commit ourselves to feeding our passion in our daily practice.
Vicentini1966 | Pasticceria
Vicentini1966 | Pasticceria

Vice's pastry

The best ingredients are always the same, namely the authenticity of the raw ingredients, simple but precise procedures and small, frequent production.

Leavened products

The sourdough starter dictates the timing of our products.
Knowledge of procedures and care at every stage of the life cycle are crucial to achieving the excellence of our leavened products. But patience is the key to finding the balance of the superlative ingredients that make up the traditional dough: it takes over 40 hours to make a panettone.

Vicentini1966 | Leavened products
Vicentini1966 | Pasticceria
Vicentini1966 | Pasticceria
Vicentini1966 | Pasticceria

Fresh pastry

Sacher, Millefoglie and meringue pie: unparalleled classics.
We are proud of our long tradition in preparing classic cakes that belong to history, gastronomic culture and our memories. We combine traditional recipes and processing methods with the innovative technology of the present.

Vicentini1966 | Fresh pastry
Vicentini1966 | Fresh pastry

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Da Vicentini creiamo buon cibo, innovazione, bellezza e prodotti sani. Scopri la pasticceria, il panificio e la cucina. Acquista online e visita i negozi

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