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Vice's bread

Over time, the use of sourdough starter has increased the aromas, fragrance and durability of bread, as well as leading us to select less refined flours and sow ancient grains

Best grain: best flour

We choose short supply chain flours, in small quantities and largely unrefined to preserve the vital parts of the grain.
Making bread has been in our DNA since the founders Siro and Bruna opened their bakery in the hamlet of Breganze. Today for our bread, we prefer ancient grains that have not undergone genetic modifications to increase their yield and are not intensively processed.

The bread made with these grains is not only particularly easy to digest and rich in substances that are beneficial for our body, it also helps to preserve biodiversity and reward the small agricultural producers who compete with the large market by promoting the short supply chain and a greater regional culture.
Vicentini1966 | Best grain: best flour Vicentini1966 | Best grain: best flour
Vicentini1966 | Il pane
Vicentini1966 | Il pane
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Vicentini1966 | Il pane
From the question "how can I make bread better, enhance its flavour and make it more contemporary?" the need was born to look for unrefined and high quality flours.

The short supply chain

The way we cultivate and harvest food is one of the greatest social and ecological issues of our time.
Since 2018, we have been cultivating Gentil Rosso wheat and monocot spelt a short distance from our workshop, in the Colceresa hills. Together with Mulino Terrevive, which works with stone mills and follows the complete cereal supply chain, we work together directly with local farmers without using substances that are harmful to the product, the environment and man.
Vicentini1966 | The short supply chain
Vicentini1966 |               Magna Grecia sourdough bread

Magna Grecia sourdough bread

Vicentini1966 |               Spelled sourdough bread

Spelled sourdough bread

Vice's bread

Our bread. Naturally good.

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