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Vicentini1966 | Petra cake: a dip in the senses

Petra cake: a dip in the senses

Have you ever tasted our Petra cake?

Petra is the name of the stone ground flour with which the base is made; Petra is a sensory experience that must be told before being tasted.

Vicentini1966 |                 Petra cake: a dip in the senses
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At the first bite you will find three distinct sensations...

Petra is a game of textures between the crunchiness of the base, the creaminess of the spiers above and the acidity of the fresh raspberry coulis. The base is very crunchy shortcrust pastry thanks also to the roasted cocoa beans (the so-called cocoa grue) which induces salivation to be able to chew it well. This detail greatly enhances the activation of the taste receptors of your palate: you will then be ready to perceive the soft and sweet chocolate cream with mascarpone, the distinct raspberry acid and finally the Maldon salt on the very thin chocolate plates.A cake that turns a decade old and that always seems like a surprise to us, a cake that makes us feel like Ratatouille's mouse in the scene where he eats the strawberry cheese cake with fireworks. We advise you to taste it, with your eyes closed, focusing on your senses.

Vicentini1966 |                 Petra cake: a dip in the senses
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